Welcome to Drupal Scotland

We have an annual DrupalCamp and regular meetups currently take place, usually monthly, in Edinburgh and Glasgow. If you're interested at all in Drupal, join us, attend our meetings, or even start up your own local group. We welcome experienced designers/developers, complete beginners and the curious alike.

The aims of Drupal Scotland are

  • To empower and grow the Drupal community in Scotland
  • To facilitate participation and contribution opportunities to the Drupal project
  • To promote the use of Drupal as the web content management system of choice in Scotland.

The committee of Drupal Scotland have been working hard to deliver DrupalCamp Scotland 2014.

9 and 10 May 2014, Edinburgh

The next task for the committee of 2014/15 is to make this site into a resource for Drupal in Scotland. In the meantime please visit the pages at groups.drupal.org/scotland